About Company

Centrum Doradztwa Personalno Księgowego (Personal and Accounting Consulting Centre) DominiXus with its seat in Toruń is a Job Agency, which has been registered by number 10355 as a legal subject conduction a job agency.

Withing the scope of Job Agency we take care of professional businesses related to recruitement and employee leasing.
We execute orders for Polish and foreign clients.
Our company adjusts to the needs and requirements of the client. We endeavour to building a partner and long-term cooperation with the client.

Within the scope of Accounting we keep records of small and medium enterprises in any form (account book, revenue and expense ledger, flat rate).
Thanks to the cooperation with our office, your Company will save time and will be able to focus on conducting its business.

Within the scope of HR and payroll services we maintain documentation of civil law agreements, wages book, social insurance statement and other HR and payroll documents.

In our office the documents are well managed and safe.

The DominiXus company also leads EHS, financial-accounting, HR and payroll courses in the range of human resources management.
With our help you will learn to lead your Company effectively.

You will find detailed descriptions of particular profiles of our activity in corresponding bookmarks.